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English Speaking Classes

In this advance speaking English course we strategies your skills so you can quickly enhance your English Speaking. This course will help you to improve Basic, Intermediate & Advance speaking English. By the end of this course you will able to communicate with anybody from globe whether Indians or your clients from overseas. It will help you to crack any interview of any MNC or Company in any country. It will also help you to work comfortably and get promoted in any MNC of any country.

Course will help you to develop

*Vocabulary building
*Sentence construction
*Everyday Conversational Phrases 
*Formal English & Informal English
*Idioms, proverb & phrasal verb
*Cognitive Interview techniques
*Group discussion
*Presentation techniques
*Communication skills 
*Public speaking and more……

Many English Speaking classes focus on grammar and written English instead of  speaking English confidently but at Jenis you will have more practice of speaking until you speak English perfectly even with native speakers of English Language.

We understand that you know English Language but when it comes to speaking you loose your confidence. According to that we have designed the course material, through which you will begin to speak English correctly in very short time.


  1. Improving English speaking skill is all about eradicating your current accent and gaining confidence to speak fluently. Certainly, practicing to speak English might be beneficial for any English learner. This English speaking class might be profitable for a greater minority of tyros. Continue updating this worthwhile guidance.
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